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May was a really busy month full of editorials. One of it was with Valery Kaufman together with Stephan Glathe. I know Stephan for a long time now and we had the a long journey to go with our editorial for DRY. Lanzarote is beautiful, but also really difficult to shoot there. It’s more windy as in Cape Town and for all they where already in SA they now what it means when I say WINDY :D. Also the light was a really challenge. But we made and had in the end the biggest fashion story I ever did for DRY. 36pages full of all cool cowboy styles I could found during the Cannes festivals. Believe me, Cannes makes a stylist not really easy to pull clothes at all. But I hope You will like the results coming out pretty soon :)


First live performances with FLEUR EAST

 I got another chance to show what I am able to do, when we had fun creating a bunch of new looks for the BBC live performance, where I completely went 100% Sayuri taste for Fleur’s new outfit. Jeans, feathers, glim glam crystals, a bit boyish, a bit elegant, a bit girly and a bit fetish with a harness set by JIVOMIR DOMOUSTCHIEV a Designer I love working with a lot. Fleur’s Jeans look was made out of two jeans from a vintage shop where I bleached and recycled everything I had from her first look from the video. We worked really close together to realize the perfect fit of this materials. Her dancers looks I added more romantic touch with even more ruffles. I’m really proud everything was fitting that well and even after the dancing performances the looks looked so beautiful.

Backstage at THIS MORNING


Hey there,

As i used to work a lot with Fleur East I had fun of finding some cool looks for her,  I’M A CELEBRITY, GET ME OUT OF HERE :P

I just say I love leather and army style suits. As Fleur and I have the same size I used myself for fitting. Fleur was far too much on tour to do fittings always in between :D

So I ended up in the fitting room. I was really happy Fleur liked what I picked for her.

At the NTA awards I styled here in STELLA MC CARTNEY. A beautiful long velvet dress with a hint of sexy touch and a beautiful metallic leather belt.


I had the pleasure to customize and style the outfits for FLEUR EAST new single FAVOURITE THING and her dancers.

We had four sets where inspired by her culture background Africa. I really loved working on this video and her live performances after for the tv show ‘this morning’ with the jeans tribal set.

The first look we decided to show her as a queen in a tiger dress with typical african jewellery.

The arms where really special as we wanted to have those big 80’s puffy arms and I tell you that arm’s costs me my sleep :D For everybody who is interested I attached the pictures how to do them.   

For her white look I decided to give  her a top with handmade embroidery in a bones optic and feathers as I really loved the idea of having tribals and typical details of african warriors. Also to give her a tribal turban and fringes I felt really well going with to show in a modern way the culture background.
For her dancers I went with a romantic way of colonial style, where I add a lot of volants and ruffles. I just LOVE creating looks they are more special.

The second Set I got help from Fleur’s boyfriend Marcel who is owner of the brand MARR London. He gave me a Set of his new collection where I recycled them to a tribal look. Fleur’s look was inspired by the ostrich bird, which was made out of two jackets and leftover pieces there came from the shorts we shorten. Nothing was wasted, Everything went in another look. 

her 3rd look I went with her favourite color yellow, her and my love for Michael Jackson and a Versace inspired pattern.



First I had the pleasure to work with the amazing Canadian-South African model MAYE MUSK (mother of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX) She was just adorable with her energy she filled the room with happiness, with the age of 70. I’m really impressed how easy it was work with her and to see, I don’t need to fear getting older. 

This season I had first time ever an invitation for the GARETH PUGH show “LOOOOVE”.  My absolut highlight. 

My head blast away by Freddy Mercury’s songs in a show where models still could show attitude and character. It was full of beautiful color contrast (my favorite red and black) and creative cuts. Thanks it was not just another fashion show like many others. I’m just tired of those boring shows where I can’t tell which brand I’m joining. Where creativity was replaced by selling, numbers and money. I know it’s important.  :)

What I love about London is you can meet other peoples really easy. Here James Goldstein I met on the traffic light where I was already running late to the next show.  

My favorite hobby during fashion week is sitting on a bench and watch those fashion peoples and be inspired by all this running peoples. It’s always full of beautiful, crazy and creative styles :) Here some of my favorite.

@uglyworldwide ..:::..::..::jazZELLe::.::..:. ; @lukevsmith Luke Smith; @leopardprintelephant Jamie Windust, @sola5532 Sora Choi; @euqinom7designs and some other cool styled peoples

Most of the time i worn coats by Jivomir Domoustchiev @jivomir.domoustchiev. A really creative and talented UK based designer. He is more famous for samples made of vinyl like Jazzelle is wearing it on the images above. But the last AW18 season he created as well some beautiful coats with glitter and XXXL oversized fit.

I’m really not good with showing myself in those beautiful clothes, but here are some impressions of three of his coats, I hope you will like.

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